Fiercely forward and unequivocally timeless, Herakles echoes across the musical spectrum of modern rock, and indie-pop, with shades of the in-between. This is 1977 meets 1988 for the euphoria seekers, festivalgoers, and anyone who simply refuses to be subtle.

Proven Industry Success

With collective production credits totaling over 50 million Spotify streams, and 2x RIAA Platinum Awards, debut songs by Herakles are complemented by world-class production talent. Producers and their highlighted works are listed below:

Live Experiences

Years of U.S. and international touring with other acts will allow the Herakles team to craft sharable experiences, turning more listeners into concertgoers. Combined with direction from award-winning stage crafters, music and theater will collide on stage for truly unique performances.

For any live event, our team is brand-partnerships driven and understands the importance of rewarding core fans through exclusive activation opportunities.


Scalable Sound

As a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Herakles combines traditional songwriting with data visualization techniques to consistently refine a diverse musical identity. Primed for collaboration, Herakles also creates musical works inspired by other specific artists.

The Herakles team will also utilize sync and placement options across undervalued markets, like hospitality and eSports, to constantly grow and develop the core fan base.


Visual Identity

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